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St. Patrick Catholic Church in Imogen, Iowa


Church Front

If you are in need of sacramental records or would like Masses offered, please leave a message at 712-386-2277 or email

Please contact Father Lazarus before you make any other arrangements.


Please call Father Lazarus at least SIX MONTHS before your desired wedding date and before you make any other arrangements.

Anointing of the sick

Please contact Father Lazarus if someone in the parish is in the hospital, and needs the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick or is shut-in and needs communion brought to them for First Friday and on the weekend.

Parish Registration

If you would like to register in the parish, go to the Parish Registration section to find the registration form.  Email this to or mail to St. Patrick Church PO Box 375 Shenandoah, IA 51601.

Pastor – Rev. Lazarus Kirigia

Parish Secretary –

Adoration – Anne McDonald, Marty Maher, Peggy Martin
Altar Society – 
Board of Faith Formation – Father Lazarus, Rita Laughlin, Hannah Forney, Teresa Hughes, Sandy Bugg, Kari Kinsella
Cemetery – Donnie Doyle, Jerry McDonald
Custodian – Paul Blake
Fair Trade – Kathy Regan
Faith Formation – Rita Laughlin
NCYC – Amy Gutschenritter, Mike Bauer
Adult Faith Formation – Marty Maher
Finance Council – Dan Kinsella, Genene Fienup, Becky Hughes, Rick Dailey, Jennifer Johnson, Kendall Forney, Rita Laughlin
Building & Grounds – Jim Martin
Safety & Compliance – Jake McGargill
Food Pantry – Colleen Gipe (Mills), Tom Martin, Zeb Burkhiser (Page), Sandy Bugg, Jerry Laughlin (Fremont)
Knights of Columbus – Jerry McDonald
Library – 
Music – Susie McDonald, Therese Sunderman
Pastoral Council – Peggy Brand, Gerard Brannen, Hannah Forney, Tara Doyle, Tom Martin Dave Sunderman, Kent Owens
Prayer Net – Yvonne Ashley, Colleen Gipe, Carol Ann Gutschenritter, Pam Hughes, Sarah Martin, AnnMcDonald, Marge McDonald, Kathy Regan, Madonna Smith, Maryanne Dailey, Rose Welchans
Sacristan – Peg Brand, Gerard Brannen, Hannah Forney,  Tom Martin, Jake McGargill, Michael Laughlin (Tuesday) Joe Cheney (Funerals), Melonie Doyle (Weddings)
SWIPU – Tom Martin, Amy Gutschenritter
Trustees – Jake McGargill, Tara Doyle
Wedding Coordinator – Melonie Doyle